Hello to you

I am glad that you come here to visit me or even buy something / commissioned. Then we clearly have the same taste.

I am still new to the industry but I am very convinced of my products and drawings. My style is very firm and who books me has to love my style, because I’m very, very loyal by nature. I’m ambitious, I can just leave it there five times, which makes my art wonderfully relaxing and easy to work with. I am a very playful guy and like to contact the muse. Can customers be muses too? YES! And I’m always looking for my next muse. I burst with creativity and can hardly wait for my next job. Do not spend too much time because I have limited time.


Why brotherhearth, if you are a girl?

My brother was my biggest fan. So he had to be included in my name as well. He was enthusiastic about my lifestyle and my works. Often he asked me, “Why do not you make more of it?” Or “Let’s do something together, I can help you in matters of PC!” You notice, I write in the past tense of my brother. He died in 2013. I locked myself in my art. The passion and my brother became ONE. I felt / feel close to him when I create something.
Unconsciously, I created art for and with my brother and my brother created Brother Heart Arts, despite physical absence. On 6.6.2015 I founded my artist page. In August 2016, I ventured the next step and plunged into the digital world.

In memory of my brother’s heart

6.6.1974 – 23.8.2013


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