Just make something fast with art? Mööp .. It is hard work and some voice is loud “Watt, 30 euros for a littlepicture?”
“Little picture” …? I ask again “little picture” …? Anger rises in me. Fighting or silence? In the first persons still fighting hair stood up, in vain. What should be in the head of my counterpart when such steam comes out of the mouth? Water? I sound evil? No, I sound authentic. What do people imagine? I’m not a super talent, I practice, I train myself further, I did not get any gift in the cradle. That’s what I live for, no, it’s not my hobby and the sentence “Oh, it’s great, if it’s fun, it’s not a real job anymore”. Watt? At which cellar door did you clap as a child? Do you have to be sorry for your job, so you can say, “Phew, i worked hard?” May a profession bring no joy? How do you know that my job gives me pleasure 24/7? There are days when I sit more at my desk and write bills, put new items in my shop, do research, bother with rights and duties … pencil, color? Um, tomorrow. Or do I have to buy materials there? Do you need materials? Sure, take off from the 30 euros. And this damn private life always wants something from me. Family? Sure, I have. And you? Art is no junk! I do not even fast with the left buttock. Although, then I could at least pack a ZERO behind the 30 €. Good idea, into my thick Idea Book, a book, which is often more enemy than friend. At night, scare with new ideas, look for the „bookanimal“, which is usually hidden .. Sleep pattern? I still know from school, from my apprenticeship. Long time ago. Oh you are not 18 years? Um, the 40 already twitches in front of me in the mirror and shows me new gray hair. Pension? Joah, if I pay? Do you want that? Can you do that? Do you have to do that? Sure, pull off some of the 30 euros. “Why do not you have time, you’re home and you can divide your time freely” .. Working time, I have that? Do I need this? Sure, pull that off from the 30 euros. “Wow, your drawings are cool, I steal, I pull down with a right click and put it on my Facebook page, it does not hurt”. Shall I cry, should I ignore it? No, I have to go to the lawyer. Take that away from the 30 euros. DING DONG .. new order. Juhu. Wait until the money arrives, check every day. Ah it’s on it … always these fees .. WOW. Take off from the 30 euros. Ok, picture in the slide. Watt foil? Yes, the post also carries out in the rain. Take off from the 30 euros. Picture in foil in the envelope with jiffy bag? Watt, jiffy bag? Of course, the post office does not carry out every letter on cotton individually. Take off from the 30 euros. Stamp up, customer pays .. Pooh luck, although there are also proverbs, if you sent to 4 euros via registered mail, … but what can I say? I just like it secured and cheaters I can not recognize by name. „Please do not bend “Sticking up, yeah, I get not even just as a gift, so pull off the 30 € On my way tot he postal office, we can also run, time costs money. Save your comment. I also like to make fun in the fresh air, I put up for free. “Who can, who can.” I feel good.

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