Phew, I think you can be so cool, at the first stream you are excited. I was extremely nervous two seconds before the “you go live” now and for a second I did not want to press the button. “Click” and I was live. Although only as a test, I did not draw, nor did I care about the viewers (yes they did it right away) but I was online and you could hear me. After 2 minutes I was relaxed and even humming with the music. Memo to me “Don’t do that that”.
All in all, everything went smoothly, thanks to preliminary work. I would like to thank a very special person. Alexius_one aka Alex, the man behind, in, under and over my technique. My guardian, the man who has set, furnished and optimized everything for many days. Thank you.
In a few weeks I will go live. Date will be announced.

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